Thinking About A Sex Vacation Destination? Have You Considered Canada?

When guys usually think about taking a sex vacation, there are many different destinations that come to mind. Most singles think Dominican Republic, Cuba, Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Latin America, Amsterdam, Germany, Thailand and even Las Vegas in the United States but no one ever considers taking a sex vacation in Canada.


Did you know that Montreal is the sex capital of North America? Or that Toronto has more registered escorts than any other city in North America? Did you know that as of 2014 Prostitution has been legal in Canada? Yes, legal. If you don't believe me, just read Wikipedia. Did you know that most the escorts are independent? Better yet, did you know that almost all of them offer services like BBBJ and CIM at no extra charge? And, did I mention how pretty the girls are? Yes, stunning. Drop-dead gorgeous. I have been all over the world and both Toronto and Montreal have the best looking girls I have ever seen in my life. Canada is a huge melting pot so there are women that would satisfy even the most discerning palates.


Strip Clubs in Canada serve alcohol and are all fully nude. Lap dances are very explicit and only cost $20/song (That's only 14 USD). In some clubs in Montreal, it only costs $10 CAD per song! That's app $7 USD per song for a fully nude lap dance that is better and more erotic than almost any strip club in Vegas. And, they almost all offer take out. You can practically take any girl you want home with you. 


Canada is quickly becoming one of the worlds best sex vacation destinations.  There are thousands of escort agencies, the best strip clubs and amazing nightlife. It's safe, clean, relatively cheap thanks to the 30% USD exchange rate and its very easy to get to you.. The girls in Canada are very friendly, they are absolutely gorgeous, they love to party and they love guys from the US. And, if you meet one you really like, you don't even need a visa to take her home with you. After all, it's Canada!


And now those crazy Canucks (and, I mean that in the sweetest way possible) have legalized Weed. Yes, marijuana is legal! You can now purchase and smoke Cannabis legally in Canada too.  Prostitution and now weed. Oh Canada!

Welcome to Sex Vacations Canada. Your fantasy awaits.

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